…so much to less time...

There are so many things to do and see... just a few ideas for you .

Make it a perfect day!


Adventure Park:

klimbing, action, adrenalin... more


experience raptors in flight and learn about habitats and their nature from a true expert.

Crib museum:

find out about a true tradition when visiting our KRIPPENMUSEUM where you can see different cribs in a wonderful exhibition. find out more

Smithy museum:

The smithy museum is one of the highlights of the cultural offer in the Stubai. Until the 16th century, iron ore was mined in the Schlick 2000, a small high-alpine valley. In consequence, numerous smithies have developed, whose products were also known outside the Stubaital. (source


A wonderful transportation to Innsbruck ...always worth a trip…


Stubaital is known for a lot of skiing areas and of course the glacier. 


Our valley has so much to offer and the routes that wait for you are almost endless. For beginners and also advanced to experts in hiking and climbing - this is your place to be and start your adventure.


Attractions outside of Stubaital:

Oldtown of  INNSBRUCK:

The capital city of Tyrol is worth a trip. Walk to the golden roof or even better take a tour with Swarovski Optical Devices to experience all the details on houses or the surrounding mountains.


Always wanted to see how steep it really is when ski-jumpers sit on top of the ski-jump and look down - seeing the beautiful city of Innsbruck ? Well then you certainly have to visit !! Architectural interesting with a great restaurant on the very top-

Alpenzoo Innsbruck:

This unique zoo shows only animals that live in the alpine region. Find out more

Europe Bridge:

Bungee !!! 192meters high and the most important connection between north and south is the europe bridge in Schönberg. You can go bungee jumping !


Close to the Stubaital you find the Wipptal. This valley leads to Italy and it has also a lot to offer. One of our favourite places to be is BERGERALM a skiing area and in Summer a great hiking mountain also for kids.